Multicultural Exploration

Date: 2013-07-01 Category:

Multicultural Exploration

A remote control is an electronic device, most commonly used for operating a television wirelessly from a distance. Every remote team manager, and business men who work in a close relationship with partners from different countries, dream to have similar remote control for their team sitting in different parts of the world.

This is where everything starts going wrong! You don’t need a remote control device – you rather need a remote support set for this. This means that the manager will himself have the right buttons like “knowledge, tools and techniques” to adjust to various settings i.e “communication, technology, processes and cultural differences within his team” in order to manage, lead and empower his remote team effectively.

This is what our unique program-package is about.

We believe that intercultural competence should be understood as part of knowledge management and company-specific tacit knowledge. It should be understood as a tool of strategic thinking and planning, as a source of competitive advantage and added value that builds on the benefits of diverse approaches. The development of these skills and competences should be started as early as possible to establish this culture within the organization, to create the “Remote Support” tool. The program includes development elements for both the leaders and the employees of multicultural teams customized for their specific conditions and needs. The most interesting part of the package is that it was created in a multicultural environment by a remote team. Throughout its development, we had an opportunity to ourselves to try and test all the concepts, tools and techniques that are incorporated in this program.