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  • All levels
  • Mid-level leaders

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8 -12

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2 days

Future Leadership Employee Experience
  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training

It has become a major topic to increase employee engagement throughout the whole organization. However, the way to accomplish it seems to be puzzling. It cannot be achieved through a mechanical approach. What we know for sure is that it requires company’s employees to have intrinsic motivation and a work environment where they are motivated to offer more of their full capability and potential. Immediate leaders have the most influence on this environment, creating those conditions that encourage engagement to grow.

Therefore the aim of this programme is to increase the awareness of high- and mid-level leaders of their importance, power and responsibility in creating this environment for their direct reports and also to equip and enable them with the appropriate leadership tools and practical approaches.

Engaging leader

We build on the 5 elements of the MAGIC model, which explores how to increase motivation and engagement using 5 notions; Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact and Connection. The leaders will also learn the phases of the Employee Journey and how to approach the needs and concerns of company’s employees in the various stages.

Course objectives

  • differentiate between employee satisfaction and engagement
  • identify leadership approaches to increase level of engagement
  • apply all 5 elements of the MAGIC model in own leadership situations and contexts
  • understand and respond to the needs of generation Y
  • better understand the needs and concerns of team members in various stages of the employee journey and positively influence them
  • conduct honest conversations with team members to identify and reinforce factors that drive their engagement


  • the symptoms of under- and highly-engaged employees
  • the employee satisfaction and engagement matrix and a proper leadership approach to each segment
  • levels of engagement and effective leadership activities for each level
  • The MAGIC Model: 5 elements of engagement and their implementation in management practices
  • engagement Interview: a structured discussion with employees about their drivers and obstacles
  • mployee Journey and effective approaches in each phase
  • explore and respond to key motivators of generation Y


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