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Kimin üçün

  • Leaders and subordinates whose job requires effective communication with colleagues and clients

Neçə nəfər?

8 - 12

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2 days

  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training

In many cases the answer is assertive communication. The ability to stand up for yourself and your interests, while also taking into account the interests and aims of the other party. But does that mean we always have to behave assertively?

We believe that life is much more complex and diverse than just being assertive in all situations. In our approach assertive communication IS A CHOICE.

Its application is contextual and not appropriate in all situations. However, it is the best choice in critical conversations. This is what we focus on in our renewed programme in order to support you in both internal and external communication.

Assertive communication - Critical conversations

THE PROGRAMME is designed in a modular structure to allow maximum fit to the needs of your organization and work situations.

The core part of the programme focuses on the basic principles of assertive communication and provides insights into the specific mindset patterns (ego-states) that lie behind instinctive and learned behaviour, and impact our style. It teaches the basic assertive communication techniques to use in everyday situations: how to behave assertively and how to handle aggressive or passive behaviours with assertive communication techniques.

The second part of the programme focuses specifically on dealing with selected critical situations with the help of various practical advanced techniques and processes.

Course objectives

  • utilize the communication skills that make them become good ‘transmitters’, ‘receivers’ and ‘questioners’
  • practice the method of self-assertive communication during their work
  • formulate their needs and expectations in a clear, concise, and assertive manner
  • establish partner-like relations during their communication
  • learn and practice several assertive communication techniques that can be used in critical conversations
  • practice assertive behaviour in company’s specific critical conversations


I. Essentials of Assertiveness

  • the notion and background of assertiveness
  • understanding the ego-states – the mindset behind our behaviour
  • why and when to be assertive?
  • how to be assertive – principles and basic techniques

II. Critical Conversations Inventory

  • giving and receiving feedback
  • assertively saying “no”
  • giving and receiving bad news
  • assertive complaint handling
  • assertive conflict resolution

III. Additional Assertiveness Techniques

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