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  • Axtarış etmək üçün ən azı 3 sumvol daxil edin.
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Kimin üçün

  • Sales and Purchasing People
  • Managers ans subordinates who deal with internal/external clients

Neçə nəfər?

8 - 12

Nə qədər müddət davam edəcək

2 days

Sales and CX
  • Classroom Training

Or especially, how much does it really cost if you miss the opportunity for a proper exchange? Unpleasant questions that you may not want to know the answer to. However, if you do, and would like to become from good to excellent negotiator, careful preparation and conscious strategy building are inevitable for your success.

The objective of the training is to draw the attention of participants to the importance of preparation and conscious strategy-building for a negotiation.

During the program participants learn the principles and techniques of conscious negotiation planning on the basis of DEVELOR’s Negotiation Competency Model and by using a special visualization tool called Negotiation Planner.
They gain experience about the effect of proper planning on the success of negotiation and practice it through complex case studies and situational exercises.

Negotiation - Strategy building

We put emphasis on handling those existing, but often overlooked or poorly managed factors such as qualitative dimensions, or in other words, the concept of “currencies” in a negotiation.
And last but not least, we introduce the participants to the basics of strategic thinking and to the fine-tuning of the negotiation strategy based on the assumptions of the common and undercover knowledge with the partner.

Course objectives

  • consciously apply negotiation concepts in preparing and planning your negotiation
  • use the Negotiation Planner – a visualization tool for successful negotiations
  • understand and apply strategic thinking in negotiations
  • design your negotiation strategy
  • be prepared 100% for your next real negotiation


  • definition of negotiation
  • key negotiation concepts (dimensions, metrics, acceptance area, agreement area, convertibility)
  • rules of negotiation
  • THE NEGOTIATION PLANNER – a unique tool to visualize negotiation concepts
  • Qualitative and quantitative dimensions
  • THE CONCEPT OF CURRENCIES (types of currencies, estimating currencies, currency exchange rates, exchange challenges)
  • The concept of BATNA and WATNA
  • Position vs Interest
  • NEGOTIATION STRATEGY BUILDING (principles, methodology, strategic thinking, common and undercover knowledge)

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