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    • New leaders
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    8 - 12

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    2 days

    Nowadays, more and more leaders have to rethink their roles and responsibilities within the organization and their teams in order to meet the new requirements of an unstable environment. However, leaving the previous – even successfully used – leadership routines and acquiring new skills and a different mindset may be as challenging as a Mars Mission.

    Mission to Mars game-based simulation is designed to help future leaders understand their role and the ways of working with their team.

    The objective of this program is to raise participants’ awareness and let them experience the leadership competences needed to successfully manage teams based on DEVELOR’S Adaptive Leadership Model.

    Adaptive Leadership - Mission to Mars

    An adaptive leader is able to respond to a large number of changes, create value through its people by respecting resources and create an environment which maximise safety, growth and autonomy. During the highly engagng storyline of a Mars Mission, participants experience the specifics of adaptive operation and the skills required.

    The diverse and creative tasks, innovative digital solutions and blended learning elements guarantee an immersive learning experience.

    Course objectives

    • understand the meaning of adaptive leadership
    • assess skills of adaptive leader based on individual reflexion board
    • experience how to build, manage and empower self-organized teams
    • learn how to boost the team spirit and motivation when facing challenges and difficulties in uncertain and unpredictable world
    • be able to perform in uncertainty and with ambiguous assignments and build their own resilience


    • notion and competency model of adaptive leadership
    • working with vision
    • team roles
    • conflict management and team protocol
    • empowerment & task distribution
    • feedback & growth
    • facilitation of team consensus
    • remote problem-solving
    • psychological safety
    • decisionmaking
    • team dynamics

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