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Kimin üçün

  • Sales People on all levels
  • Leaders whose job requires communication with colleagues and clients

Neçə nəfər?

8 - 12

Nə qədər müddət davam edəcək

2 days

Sales and CX
  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training

We, as customers, expect customized care that responds to our personal needs and expectations. We want to be treated fairly and with respect while gaining the service or while solving any eventual problem and also feel acknowledged and valued even if we are not right. All these expectations, especially in emotionally charged situations of complaint handling are quite challenging for staff that require a high-level of self-management, self-confidence and a skillful approach to successfully manage them.

The course establishes the proper attitude and develops excellent communication skills combined with bullet-proof processes to help the work of company’s customer service staff. The course allows the participants to explore the different elements of customer satisfaction and how the standards of excellence can be defined for them. They will learn the concept of exceeding expectations that gives them a step-by-step practical process to consciously improve customer satisfaction.

Customer care & Complaint handling

During the course participants will explore different levels of customer engagement and the hierarchy of customer needs as they relate to the Moments of Truth. They will understand the nature of complaints and how effective complaint handling impacts customer loyalty. They will learn the easy-to-use technique of the six-step process of complaint handling, and will practice how to implement it with assertiveness to ensure an improved service culture and customer satisfaction.

Course objectives

  • understand basic “customer care” concepts
  • define “moments of truth” for company’s customer
  • situations implement the appropriate reaction and response to critical moments of truth
  • build customer engagement and customer loyalty
  • understand why people complain and what they look for
  • use a practical “complaint handling process” tailored for company
  • communicate properly with the customer


  • service-centered attitude
  • elements of customer satisfaction
  • customer enagagement
  • meet and exceed customer expectations in customer service
  • assertiveness model
  • the process of complaint handling
  • handling challenging customers

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