Motivation 3.0 The Inner Power

Date: 2013-07-04 Category: ,

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To feel any engagement instead of insensitivity, our co-workers need some trust, success, autonomy, and taking responsibility. The program, built on the newest model of motivation, helps the leaders in finding the key for employees’ internal motivation.

IN FOCUS OF THE COURSE, after a brief theoretical groundwork, is the creation of working atmosphere which is essential for excellent performance. All this is on the grounds of the Motivation 3.0 model. It is to create the conditions that enable the dénouement for our employees: stepping forward in realization of goals/dreams, pushing the envelope, and inflaming their dormant creativity.

AN INTRINSIC MOTIVATED COLLEAGUE likes his job, hence he gives his best. The biggest challenge for the manager is finding the overlap between employee’s commitment and company’s business targets. Towards finding this joint point in all managers, which releases positive energy, we combine the attitude forming, skill development elements and the latest workshop methods during the program.

By the end of the program participants will be able to revive the intrinsic motivation and create such a result oriented working environment which might affect higher result and more success for both, the manager and the employee as well.

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