Consultative Sales Process

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What differentiates great sales people from the average? This course focuses on two competences: skills for creating trust and the proper understanding of customer needs. If these skills are mastered, success is guaranteed.

THE CONSULTATIVE SALES PROCESS is a carefully designed conscious approach to sales with a focus on client’s expectations and needs. It supports sales people to excel in their negotiation with clients. The process builds on the following notion: if customers trust the sales person who can deliver a product, which entirely fits the needs and there is a budget for purchase, there is no barrier to sell.

THE COURSE EXPLAINS the market- and client-specific phases of the sales process, the objectives and ideal behavior of the sales person in each stage, depending on the customer’s expectations and the customer’s behavior type (as it is described in the Develor DDS system).

With practical approaches and client-specific situational exercises linked to each step of the process, participants will become conscious of how to plan and manage the entire sales encounter with a customer, focusing on a long-term win-win relation.

By the end of the program participants will be able to plan and manage sales encounters with clients, ultimately resulting in increased sales performance and higher turnover.


The Principles of Sales


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