Elitsa Zancheva, Sales Manager – ING Pension

„During the year 2010 ING Pension funding organized a series of trainings for a part of its employees and agents. Our only partner in this project was Develor Bulgaria. …

My impressions with Develor are from our joint work on the preparation of the program application documents, setting up training goals, their realization and the finalization of the project. Our initial expectations changed during the process of needs analysis. Our Develor partners extremely skilfully expanded our horizons and managed to mark specific areas where we should focus our efforts. Trainings were focused on practice and diversity of situational modules. They were delivered by three Develor trainers. Except for my excellent impressions by Todor Todorov, I can confirm my colleagues’ high appraisals for the other trainers.

We still discuss the Insights profiles which every participant received even a year after the training. I would like to express my high appraisal for the entire project and for [how they] managed to help us see more clearly our boundaries on specific elements which to put on their right place, and most of all for that today we have the knowledge how to manage our sales and expectations.”