DEVELOR makes Learning Memorable, Change Manageable, Results Measurable

Over 21 years of our experience we have witnessed that corporate employees have developed low level of expectations towards training courses. Training is experienced as a sometimes boring necessity that brings employees together in an essentially similar classroom format. Although great theories are supported by excellent instructors, the learning in the classroom is frequently washed away by the hassle of the following working days.

DEVELOR is committed to exceed the learner’s expectations and to focus on the joint development of attitude, skills and behavior. Involving experiential learning exercises, exciting computer simulations, coaching and non-traditional learning methods, which are supported by our unique EnterTrainingTM online learning platform, break the rhythm of the training. While on the course, participants can work in teams by the pool, participate in real-life testing and voting and set individual commitments for the future. All of these combined create a powerful memorable learning experience.

A lot of organizations claim that their people are their greatest asset. However, if things turn worse the first budget to cut is the training budget without hesitation; hence they withdraw recourses from the development of their own human capital, because they do not think that development of people contributes to the bottom line. Most Board of Directors and HR professionals are content with this contradiction.

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DEVELOR challenges this status quo; we believe that the ultimate measurement of training interventions is the contribution to the business results. We trust that all training courses and related interventions shall demonstrate a clear chain of evidence how and to what extent it contributed to business results. With our Develor Value Chain methodology we guarantee that it happens.