Join the open Webinar Workshops

Develor is introducing three newly developed programs and offers a deep insight into their content by the help of WEBINARS.

Join our three-part series to learn and explore:

  • How to increase our impact and influence in our leadership communication?
  • How to engage and empower our colleagues more to reach better results?
  • How to ensure a more proactive and yet balanced leadership style that focuses really on leading instead of working in a reactive, survival mode?


number1 Topic: Persuasion and Influencing

Content: Scope of Influencing, Six principles of influence, manipulation versus influencing

Date: 21st October, Tuesday, 2 pm

number 2Topic: Leading through Empowerment

Content: What it brings to the organization, how to empower ourselves and how to create an empowering environment

Date: 4th November, Tuesday, 2 pm

number3Topic: Managing Leadership Tasks

Content: Leadership Whirlpool model; how to manage the four main leadership tasks to reach the vision

Date: 18th November, Tuesday, 2 pm


Presenter: Keith Parker, senior trainer at Develor

Duration: 60 minutes/session

Fee: 10 EUR/person/session

Please, sign up HERE!