Equation for Employee Engagement


Whereas, Employee Engagement (level is the sum of all performance (p) delivered in the workplace, multiplied by the level of Intrinsic Commitment (IC) to deliver each of these tasks; multiplied by to what extent the given task is in line with company goals (G); then the sum divided by the number of tasks (n).

So what leads to higher employee engagement is:

1)    maximizing all those tasks that are in line with the employees intrinsic commitment, her internal wishes to accomplish

2)  ensuring  the clarity of how it contributes to the organizational goals and expectations (i.e. increasing the value of the scalar multiplication)

3)    providing growth for Intrinsic Commitment in relationship with more number of tasks

  1. by developing the competence
  2. by developing  the motivation of the employee
  3. by providing personal growth
  4. by providing an inspiring working atmosphere to become intrinsically motivated

4)    providing tasks which are more in line with the company expectations (i.e. I don’t have to do useless things)

5)    provide LEAN task distribution, so unwanted tasks are not assigned (as number of tasks decreases focus)

6)    continuously measure and motivate employees to increase the engagement level