First open training “Assertive communication”

We are happy to announce that our first open training on the topic “Assertive Communication” will takeplace on the 27th of November at Demirchi Plaza Conference room. Although we made announcement 2 weeks before the training, there were too many interested companies who wanted their employees to take part in it and all places were sold out in 2 days.

The program instructs how to communicate and behave assertively (self-representing) in situations at work and in private life.

THE METHOD OF ASSERTIVENESS is a style of persuasion which takes the partner’s objectives and ideas into consideration to a great extent.

THE PROGRAM WILL NOT ONLY TEACH THE BASIC PRINCIPLES but it will also provide a deep insight through practical examples of the six part model of assertiveness. The course provides a platform to practice how to behave assertively, how to handle the aggressive or passive behavior of others, and how to recognize and resolve ‘games people play’.

Follow us, as we shall announce new dates with new open training topics