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    Oil price shock, devaluation of national currency, cutting headcount, budget problems – all these and some more are parts of economic downturn in Azerbaijan. Every company and business unit is trying to find solution on how to manage it with minimum costs and save the business.

    But is there any way out to grow during crisis?

    Our 23 years of experience, references and best practices in banking, telecom and FMCG show that YES, it is possible. The key to get such a result lies in an implementation of sustainable behavior change in the organization at all levels. The main point here is to focus on specific business results – Winning, Retaining and Developing Customers – which as practice shows will bring to increased revenues, less dissatisfied customers, faster and more cost efficient processes. We focus on three main fields of successful management of hard times: Efficiency improvement, Capable Managers, Sales improvement.

    EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT – is about setting efficient processes and systems, and decreasing costs within the company. Bureaucracy, uncollected debts, lack of professional skills, poor team cooperation and improperly set up systems are topics that many organizations are facing today. Especially, it affects the business during CRISIS and if we don’t handle it – failure is inevitable. Clear strategy and related optimized processes will lead to success

    CAPABLE MANAGERS – are formulating the engine of every business. In difficult times the role of Managers changes significantly: they have to regain the motivation of staff. Flexibility and alignment to the current situation is crucial, just as the ability to develop people and delegate proper tasks & targets. Their target-oriented development is the best investment in these days.

    SALES – generating income and increasing the turnover in spite of market shrinking. For sure, it is clear that the market is not growing during the CRISIS, moreover it is decreasing. But it is not the end of the story – properly set KPI’s and conscious sales activities will bring market share growth. Increasing your market share by acquiring your competitors’ customers is difficult but not impossible. Why not to be the winner of hard times?

    Very important to note, neither growth nor value creation is possible without cooperation and joint efforts of two parties.

    If you want to develop your business and generate more revenue then it’s time to act and invest in it.



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