Stephan Bily, Director, EMEA Supply Chain Operations – Lexmark

“The assignment was about to attain the Customer Satisfaction Survey; screening 90 companies, from 18 countries in 10 languages; and to prepare valuable feedback analysing both qualitative and quantitative. Develor is used to run surveys measuring the Satisfaction, Engagement, Motivation or Retention levels. Therefore, we felt it had the necessary capacity and knowhow to meet our expectations.

In their proposal, the following items were very important and attractive to Lexmark:



1. Timely delivery,

2. Professional pricing,

3. Enhanced technology approach,

4. One single contact for all languages.

Having closed the project Lexmark can conclude that Develor has performed according to the expectation. The project was managed well; the short time was kept all along the project.

We would gladly recommend them for Satisfaction Monitoring Survey. Meanwhile Lexmark has even begun to cooperate with Develor on other areas in training & consultancy.”