Dana Kollárová, HR Director – Fortuna CZ

“Fortuna (betting shop company) started the cooperation with Develor in 2006 when we needed to prepare a program adapted to our betting sales specifics. Develor’s offer was the best and on the basis of preliminary analysis and Mystery Shoppings they prepared interesting Sales skills development program for our retail front line employees. Many participants participated in such training for the first time and they evaluated very positively not only the professional part and training methods but also the personalities of selected trainers. During the realization that lasted almost one year there was created very friendly and open atmosphere between Develor and Fortuna Management which benefited to further cooperation on the project for Regional Managers realized in 2008 focused on managerial competencies development and coaching of first line managers. The best appreciation for Develor was that we invited them to realize these programs in our companies in Slovakia, Poland and Croatia. In 2008 they realized Sal