Csilla Torma, CFO MCS / ICSS – CEE – Regional Office – MagyarCom

“Our Intercultural training course was developed by the experts of Develor as our cooperation partner within the frame of our development program in English language. By the development of this training, an idea we had envisioned for long came true.
Professionalism, credibility and effectiveness. These qualities feature the work of Develor.

Professionalism – because they provided an up-to-date, high level and customized knowledge transfer with fully responding to our specific needs.

Credibility – because they formed the attitude and approach of the participants involving them in an interactive way based on real life examples and personal trainer’s experiences.

Effectiveness – because our colleagues beyond being highly happy and contented with the training course, they got enriched by tools and methods that when applying them they could achieve measurable results in their work.

Therefore, we believe to have further opportunities for future cooperation with the dynamic, cheerful and devoted team of Develor.”