Constantine Shalamanov, Executive Director – Lavena

“After conducting preliminary consultations with Develor, we have come up with an appropriate form of an individual event with our team in the beginning of 2012 which aimed at dissolving different problems of people with various responsibilities, biases and characters. Although part of the participants being sceptic, Develor performed excellently:

– [they] managed to engage and keep the attention and to motivate even the most sceptic ones;

– [they] managed to explain in a comprehensive manner the main specifics of different people, which (sic.) helps everyone not only for good orienteering, but also for good communication with people;

– [they] managed to give details and provide depth in understanding individual peculiarities of key members of the team which was priceless. A proof for [their] professionalism is not only the general positive attitude of the participants, but also the facts that numerous conclusions were made which, I strongly believe, are useful for our structure.”