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Solution to Key Challenges of Important Teams

Team Sociomapping has already proved its efficiency in a Mars experiment. Similarly positive results were achieved during its use at over a hundred successful local and multinational corporations. 

INFORMATION FLOW AND CO-OPERATION IS NEVER PERFECT – say business leaders and HR managers. These areas are always worth developing. In order to understand the current situation and the desired optimal status we need a highly accurate mathematical method to visualize these relations. Based on a quick, customized on-line survey, Team Sociomapping creates a set of 3 dimensional maps and individual reports that indicate the areas for improvement.

Team Sociomapping is user-friendly, because 3 dimensional maps and reports are easy to interpret by any participant. It is an action oriented development method, and results in actions can be implemented immediately. By engaging all team members in the process everybody will be committed to deliver on the agreed actions. With Team Sociomapping you can track and measure the results and effectiveness of a development program.

By the end of the program participants will develop team communication, co-operation and decision making on interpersonal, sub-team and organization level in a measurable way.



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  • Team coaching
  • Assertive Communication course
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