Team Sociomapping

Date: 2013-07-04 Category:

From Mars to Earth

Team Sociomapping is a unique and cutting-edge tool for developing and assessing communication, cooperation, cohesion and collaboration within working teams. It is exceedingly suitable to analyze the current and optimal relationships within top managerial teams, or in other working teams, and to present the results along multiple aspects. The results in return provide bases for the creation of a comprehensive development program.

Sociomapping has developed beyond traditional sociometric methods due to its high level of mathematical accuracy, dynamic structure, engaging visual 3D design, easy interpretation and its transferability into next-day actions. Team Sociomapping is the proper tool

  • When in doubt about what can improve the efficiency of work related communication, Sociomapping focuses on the critical success factors of cooperation and gives a broader perspective
  • When the leader, being too involved in day-to-day matters, cannot see the forest for the trees, it gives him/her specific recommendations on how to improve the teamwork and provides evidence to make the right decisions.
  • When team members are involved in a project, which must not fail due to communication dysfunctions: the method provides involvement and buy-in for all team members.
  • When you need to view the subjective perspectives in an overall objective landscape, Sociomapping enables the discussion of difficult topics during workshops
  • When you need to track changes in time – it is able to display development in the team; it helps to understand what is happening.

Simply: when your team just cannot afford to fail!