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 The program for development and cohesion of the management team is based on a model of 5 team dysfunctions, created by Patrick Lencioni. The quality of team cooperation is influenced by different factors such as level of motivation of individual team members, amount of trust among colleagues, clearly defined goals, common key message, lack of resources, insufficient communication among team members, etc. In most cases faulty team operation seriously endangers team effectiveness regardless of how the company processes or tools are designed.

THE TRAINING IS DESIGNED to strengthen the team spirit and improve the team cooperation so that the team members can fully concentrate on achieving common goals of the company and actively support each other in this effort.

IN THE PREPARATION PHASE we define the expectations in cooperation with the CEO, conduct the diagnostics of the current situation and gain the motivation of the management team members for the program.

TRAINING OUTPUTS: during the training the team defines their rules how to solve interpersonal conflicts (Conflict resolution protocol), that will help to set the expected behavior in conflict situations. Integral part of the training is an activity called “Hot chair”, where every manager receives feedback on how their mutual cooperation works from each team member. The outcomes are then processed in written and serve as a basis for further work with the team.

IN THE SUPPORT PHASE we check and review the understanding and accepting the concept, we focus on revision of action plan with CEO, cross-department mediation and implementation diagnostics.

By the end of the program participants will be able to find unique solution for their own team how to improve quality of team cooperation and how the individuals can contribute in the process.

Potential follow-up courses

  • Insights colourful leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Individual or team coaching