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The program explores the most important rules of the balanced use of colour energies in six topics. Goal setting, Creative problem-solving and Time management provide tools to reach higher level of effectiveness. To find supporters for our aims, the modules of Cooperation, Handling difficult partners and Giving feedback will give guidelines. The aim is to help participants in the skilled, extensive and conscious use of all the four colour energies.

AFTER GETTING TO KNOW THE SYSTEM OF INSIGHTS DISCOVERY, we become aware of our own values, strengths and also our weaknesses. Improving our missing colour energies in the everyday practice without support is, however, very difficult – at least at the beginning. The Insights Personal Effectiveness Advanced training provides help in six specific work related areas in the development of the participants.

BALANCING AND CONSCIOUS USAGE of the colour energies help us reveal and assess situations, tasks or problems more fully and effectively and thus resulting better solutions. At the same time by gaining supporters for us, our work relationships, team work and even the results will be improved. Communication and cooperation skills will further be boosted by refreshing and deepening the Insights methodology.

DURING THE TRAINING we help the participants apply the previously and newly acquired knowledge by various, easy models that can be easily and quickly used in real life situations.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to set goals effectively, solve problems in a more confident and creative way, develop and apply customized time management strategies, successfully and effectively cooperate with others.


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