Employee Satisfaction Survey

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Today, companies not only compete in the products and services market, but in the labor force market as well. The selection and retention of valuable colleagues is of fundamental imprtance, since if we loose them – beyond the mere expenditure of energy – the location and training of new colleagues can mean real ecnomic losses. Losses that most companies can not afford these days.

Develor’s RETANTION POWER THERMOMETER examines to what extent the company is able to keep its talents and key personnel. Our flexible questionnaire enables us to complete it with factors influencing the satisfaction, loyality, commitment and motivation of your employees. During the implementation we dedicate special focus on the proper communication of the survey, assuring not just the information-sharing, but also the involvement, thus gaining the trust of the colleagues. We also assure the organisation and professional coordination of questionnaire filling online and/or paper. At the end of the survey we prepare deteiled, comprehensive reports and define suggestions for development for the examined areas, which provides a reliable basis for futher action planning.

By the end of the program stakeholders will be given information on the comprehensive results of the survey and suggestions for development as well as support in the communication towards the employees and to the implementation of the action plans.

Areas of Application

  • General climate and athmosphere in the company
  • Before, during and after comprehensive changes
  • Increasing number of signals of dissatisfaction in the organisation
  • High fluctuation rate