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Do you plan to organize a development program, but have difficulties with objective needs assessment? Do you have some assumptions on the performance of your colleagues, but have never seen them in real-life situations? Do you have a field force team, whose objective assessment means an outstanding challenge? A Development Center can be the proper solution to you.

A DEVELPOMENT CENTER provides you with the opportunity to observe your colleagues in a series of diverse and challenging exercises, allowing you to discover their potentials as well as their areas of improvement. With the DC method, we can evaluate how much the evaluated person is able to put the behavioural rules of certain competencies into practice, and to perform them as expected under conscious, predefined conditions. Thus, we get a realistic picture about the person’s level of skills, excluding other conditions of optimal performance. In each case, DC exercises and the assessment criteria align to the measured competencies and job requirements.

By the end of the process stakeholders will be given a general summary & evidence based evaluation (HR, line-manager) and individual report & feed-back (participants)

Areas of Application:

  • Training&Development
  • Talent Managerment
  • Sales & Customer Service Development
  • Coaching processes