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Good communication is not only the prerequisite of good atmosphere but also of effective work, whenever humans are involved. Thus the skills of being able to speak with confidence, clearly and plainly, listen actively and motivate or influence others are essential but cannot be taken for granted. We are not born with it but learn it throughout our entire life.

OUR COURSE DEVELOPS FUNDAMENTAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS that enable participants to be understood by communicating effectively, clearly and convincingly, yet with the acceptance and approval of the other party; and also to understand others by actively listening to them.

BEYOND TEACHING THE PRINCIPLES AND BASICS OF COMMUNICATION, the program also aims at increasing self-knowledge in regards to communication strengths and weaknesses. It reveals room for further personal development and then it provides participants with individualized support. The course inherently reinforces participants’ self-confidence and self-esteem in the use of various communication channels, may it be face-to-face, e-mail or phone communications. As a result participants will be able to express themselves better and will be able to create or reach more win-win communication situation.

By the end of the program participants will be able to communicate more effectively by expressing their thoughts in a clear and lucid style so that the other party would listen and understand them and also be able to use active listening skills to understand their partners.


Potential follow-up courses

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  • Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence